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The Hive was born from the idea that, in a world not built for youth, why not empower them to create their own?

We're a
first-of-our kind creative co-working space for teens, providing them with the space, resources, and freedom to explore their passions and skills.

A space for teens to

Create, Connect, Collab

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What We Offer

  • Membership-based after school space for 7th-12th graders

  • Teen specific programming and workshops

  • Cultivating creative and life skills

  • Leadership opportunities for the youth and youth-led initiatives

  • Creative and tech equipment for teen use

  • After hours space use for other local creatives, organizations, and community members

  • Field trips and camp day rentals

  • Community space rental for any event you have in mind. Networking events, speaking engagements, and after work get togethers. For more information, contact Nouchise at

The Vision

A safe place where teens can come and vibe, and explore their creativity through different mediums. This is the purpose of The Hive, for teens to venture outside of school and home, to be social, creative, and a part of a community.

A community where teens feel empowered and inspired to build skills and relationships they'll be able to carry far beyond adolescence. 

It’s Always Buzzin’

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Discover a universe of endless possibilities as you step into our captivating space,
where innovation meets inspiration, and transform your dreams into reality.

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Invest in
the Youth

Interested in supporting our mission by donating or getting more involved? Whether through monetary donations, volunteering your time and skills as a workshop facilitator, providing in-kind donations, or purchasing items from our Amazon wish list, your support will help our little beehive flourish.

Be part of something extraordinary - make a lasting impact by empowering young minds and nurturing creativity. Together, we can create a hive of endless possibilities!

Learn more about our current and
future plans and how to support us.

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