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The Mission.

Creating a local hub with resources, opportunities, and community for teens to explore independence and creative expression in a safe, innovative, and youth-focused environment.

The Vision.

Imagine a space where teens can go after school and access equipment such as high tech computers, printers, cameras, sewing machines, recording equipment, etc. 


A space that provides workshops like: How to Design an App, Photoshop 101, How to Throw an Event, Cyber Hygiene, Healthy Snack Prep, What to Look for in a Music Manager, and more!

A safe place where teens can come and chill, and explore their creativity through different mediums. This is the purpose of The Hive, for teens to venture outside of school and home, to be social, creative, and a part of a community. A community where teens feel empowered and inspired to build skills and relationships they'll be able to carry far beyond adolescence.

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