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Programs + Memberships

The Hive is a membership-based space. Check out our membership benefits below.

If you have any questions, or looking for sponsored membership,
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Buzzin' Benefits

Unlimited, Supervised Access

A place of your own! Drop in and vibe at The Hive.
We have Wi-Fi, board games, books, paint, and
comfy corners to relax, on top of everything else.


Guest workshops led by local professionals to share creative, life, and entrepreneurial skills are held regularly and included in our memberships. Members can access our workshop calendar in person or via our member portal.


This is a place for teens to be teens! Building a community and a network of other teens connected through The Hive. We're always looking for new ways to collaborate and encourage our members to do the same.

Brisas Creative Innovation Studio

Introducing the Brisas Creative Innovation Studio, the dynamic result of an exciting partnership between Brisas and The Hive. This vibrant space is designed to empower young minds, providing them with access to invaluable resources, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology necessary for their success. Equipped with the latest tech gadgets, including Cricut machine, Mac computer, iPad, and even a 3D printer, the Brisas Creative Innovation Studio is a studio where teen creativity can flourish, dreams can be realized, and innovation takes flight. Step into this hive of possibilities and witness the transformative impact it has on our teens' journeys of self-discovery and achievement.Thank you to our generous sponsors at Brisas.


We have equipment for ALL creative skills! Paint, resin, embroidery, sewing machines, computers with editing software, 3D printing, cameras, recording and content capture studios! All for shared use in The Hive’s creative co-working space.

Discounted Rental Space

Members can enjoy exclusive access to our coveted space after hours, unlocking a world of discounted rates for your organization's meetings, content creation in our state-of-the-art studio, and so much more to fuel your success.

Leadership Opportunities

We have an array of opportunities for teens to bee-come leaders in The Hive, where they can cultivate their leadership skills, create a buzz with their voices, and have a hand in shaping their beautiful youth-driven space.

Honeycomb Studios

Step into the sweet sound sanctuary of Honeycomb Studios, where teen dreams harmonize in perfect rhythm. This buzz-tastic space features a pop-up recording booth, state-of-the-art speakers, a computer packed with designed software to edit and mix, and a top-notch microphone that captures the buzz-worthy vocals of future music sensations. In our content area, teens can use our backdrop system, lights, props, and professional cameras to capture their visuals in photos and videos. Members are able to  explore their talents and make youth-led content  in Honeycomb Studios.

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