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The Hive is creative programming for teens in south florida. We support teens by making creative teen spaces through events, activations, and mobile programming.

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Buzzin' Benefits

Creative Exploration

Dive into the world of creativity! Whether you're into art, music, or trying out cool new stuff, creative exploration is your ticket to finding awesome ways to express yourself. We create spaces for teens to explore and find what calls to you.


We have equipment for ALL creative skills! Paint, resin, embroidery, sewing machines, computers with editing software, 3D printing, cameras, recording and content capture studios! Connect with us to use equipment in our pop-up space or try them out at our next event.


Our team loves to support the youth, through mentorship, workshops led by local professionals focused on creative, life, and entrepreneurial skills, or helping you achieve your creative goals. We’re here for you!


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Be you, loud and proud! Expressing yourself is like creating your personal brand. Whether through fashion, content creation, or any of your innovative ideas, it's all about letting the world see the real, amazing you.

Youth Leadership

We have an array of opportunities for teens to bee-come leaders in The Hive, where you can cultivate your leadership skills, create a buzz with your voices, and have a hand in shaping these youth-driven spaces. Check out our new Teen Council.


We make space for teens to be teens! Building a community and a network of other teens connected through The Hive. We're always looking for new ways to collaborate and encourage our busy bees
to do the same.

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