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Creating Teen-Centered Spaces

The Hive is a new nonprofit, born and bred in
Miami-Dade, built to serve the local teens. We aim to provide teen-centered creative spaces through events, activations, and programming. We are equipped with creative tools and host workshops that are focused on artistic expression, creative tech, life skills, and career/entrepreneurship advice. As an emerging organization, we are in the process of looking for a permanent home to serve our teens from a physical space. Until then, we are aimed at building our community partnerships and supporting teens through our pilot program located in North Miami and pop-up events throughout Miami-Dade and Broward County.


We also offer a versatility of our creative space for all your event needs! From networking sessions and community gatherings to after-work soirées, our venue offers a vibrant and inspiring backdrop that ensures your event is truly one-of-a-kind.

Contact to
ask about our community rentals.

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Creative Equipment

The Hive provides youth with access to equipment to explore different creative realms and build their skills. Much of the professional creative softwares and hardwares are out of reach for many teens.Sharing this equipment within the community allows for equitable access and greater art for all.

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& Skill Sharing

While many programs offer commitment-based semesters or weekly classes, we believe teens engage well in
low-commitment, high-production workshops. What does this mean? Teens focus and learn in flexible, one-off, workshops that allow them to be introduced to a subject or learn a specific skill. We not only create space for local professionals to share their skills with the youth, but for teens to lead workshops and share their knowledge base in peer-to-peer learning.

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What is a youth-driven program without leadership from the teens we serve? From conception through development, we’ve made sure to include the opinions of the teens we serve. We have created multiple avenues that give teens a chance to lead, and will continue to do so with initiatives such as our brand new Teen Council, ensuring youth representation in planning and on our Board. In the future, through leading or planning workshops, job and internship opportunities, or teen-led initiatives (record labels, publishing, radio/podcasts, entrepreneurship, writing, and more), we seek to empower TEENS as the leaders of today.

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